Over the next 5 years we are going to have to open up our thinking in completely new ways in order to move humanity forward.

monavaile is driven to be part of the digital revolution and enable a native digital future where digital economies of scale are able to serve new possibilities and unlock new opportunities for humanity.

Never in the history of mankind have we had so many advancements emerge in parallel and then collide to enable such huge innovation and create previously unfathomable opportunity. The progression from Atari in-game graphics, like Pong in the 1970s, that displayed a…

monavaile is hosting the first digital fashion, NFT and gaming focused online conference.

As gaming, VR and other 3D technologies continue to become more and more advanced, hyper-realistic and grow exponentially in adoption, NFTs present unlimited use cases and potential in terms of what they can enable for the virtual goods markets.

In the past year NFTs have gained immense popularity — we reached the first $100 million in sold NFTs in July, and then just in the past weeks the 24-hour trade volume of NFTs listed on the top 5 Ethereum NFT marketplaces surpassed $1 million (Previously only reached after 1 week!). …

“We keep moving forward… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”.

- Walt Disney

This quote, in a nutshell, sums up just how Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee sees the world. As a 22 year old entrepreneur and someone who loves to spend hours thinking about the future and where we might be in the next 100 years, she describes herself as an ambitious problem solver whose life so far has taken her on mix of great adventures.

Ever since she can remember, Emma-Jane has felt passionate about bringing new ideas and creating new technologies that can provide a big impact in…

The next generation of the fashion industry is all about adapting and evolving in order to keep up with the exponential rate of technological adoption and innovation. Fashion is about to start merging with digital. It is moving towards a point of seamless integration with the virtual worlds of gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality etc.

monavaile is working towards bringing the fashion industry to the digital economy, enabling designers to be able to create digital fashion for gaming, VR and other 3D technologies. We are revealing our roadmap for the future of digital fashion.

Elon Musk often asks, “are…

The idea of fashion and technology combining seems rather strange at first, especially if you start reading some of the misleading articles and posts online that paint this new industry out to be all about crazy Lady GaGa bubble blowing dresses or shirts that light up to match your heartbeat. Is this really necessary?

Understanding new industries and market segments has become increasingly more difficult to grasp. We have never seen the complexity, volatility and transformation that we are seeing today in industry and new technologies. And truly wrapping one’s head around this idea of ‘exponential growth’ is not easy-us…

Although many industries have been combining with technology for a number of years, some industries have found it more difficult to really find a proper use case fit. This has definitely been the case for the fashion industry, who’s strong consumer facing front requires constant evolution and is highly correlated to economic and societal cycles. Collaboration between fashion and technology in order to create a new future has been met with resistance and lack of proper guidance.

So, what exactly is fashiontech? Well, it’s not that simple. Fashion is a multifaceted industry that is expressed from the design phase to…

Fashion is one industry that has been at the core of our civilisation for thousands of years. It is too often seen as a vain and frivolous industry filled with an empty vision, where many people fail to appreciate just how important and fundamental it actually is.


Creating digital economies of scale that empower true digital self expression.

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